Bye 2016, #Bringon2017

What a year it’s been!
I have seriously mixed feelings about 2016. It’s been  tricky and challenging , with so much change and so many losses, but I would like to believe that I came out stronger.

There have been so many amazing things though! I find reflecting back very helpful to identify the new goals, sooo let’s have a look what happened in 2016.

I have a fiancé!

First of all, Ben and I got engaged – 26th September 2016 will always be one of the best life memories. We went to Paris together and it will probably stay the best memory of 2016.

I’ve started my Master’s Degree.

I didn’t think I’d ever want go back to studying but hey-ho, if not now, when? I’m now enrolled with Chartered Institute of Marketing and studying to get CIM Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing.

I focused on my body.

I’ve started to get fit and hit my personal records at weight-lifting. I’ve got much better at understanding my body, trying to have a healthy lifestyle, focusing on correct exercises and the right diet. I have a lot more to learn, but 2016 was a good start for me to become a #girlwholifts. Ha!

I focused on my mind.

I’ve read so much more in 2016 that I have in previous year and couldn’t be more chuffed about it! 🙂 I have a substantial reading list for 2017 (I might share it with you 😉 ) which I can’t wait to crack on with!
I’ve also started a number of little hobbies which brought me peace after stressful days at work and I’ve been to karaoke so many times that I’ve lost count.
I’d like to think that I got happier and more positive .

I’ve met amazing people.

Not only I’ve met so many great people in 2016, I believe that was the year when I made some new friends for life. I’ve finally managed to surround myself with people who make me happy and who I want to make happy.
I’ve cut some negative and horrible people out of my life and, honestly, I’ve never felt better!


So what are my resolutions for 2017?

I don’t have any! I’m not going to give up anything – I’m only going to give myself one promise – focus on what makes me and my loved ones happy.

2017 will be filled with so many cool things – we are going on our first ever ski trip (not to worry, blog post will follow!), we are hoping to buy a house, and there will be a lot of wedding planning!

I will be stronger, I will be better and I will be happier.

5 thoughts on “Bye 2016, #Bringon2017

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  1. I love how you radiate happiness.
    And your English is remarkable.
    I have never known anyone with English as a second language use ‘chuffed’!
    Good luck, young lady, keep your joy warm.


  2. Thanks so much for following Oh, the Places We See! Your blog is fun to look at — and since we just returned from Paris, I wish we could have sat where you did on that ledge with the Eiffel Tower in the background. So cool! Best wishes for lots of fun on your ski trip and for finding more great things to see and do in 2017!


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