My 2020

For the past week and a bit my Instagram and Facebook feed has been filled with everyone’s highlights of 2020, and this was the first year when I simply wasn’t ready to look back on 2020. Until now. It’s been a very different year. Most unusual. Most unexpected. It was a difficult year in soooo... Continue Reading →

Brookes Snow Ski Trip 2017

We just got back from the best Ski trip ever at Les Acrs 1800, and I just can't keep my emotions in! I literally was in tears on the last day - leaving the Alps broke my heart! First of all, I would like to say a massive thank you to the Oxford Brookes Snow... Continue Reading →

The proposal

For our eight year anniversary Ben took me to Paris. Eight years together turned into something much more romantic and important to celebrate. We got engaged. On the 26th of September, at 8 am, Ben dragged me out of bed to have a photo shoot. If you know me well, you can imagine how delighted... Continue Reading →

When Ben and Polina went to Crete

I think it's about time I started blogging again and what is a better topic than telling you guys all about the amazing holiday I've just came back from??! Ben and I went to Crete - a beautiful Greek island. We found an amazing deal on Thomas Cook that was definitely more than worth it.... Continue Reading →


Vatican has always been on my bucket list. The smallest country in the world which also happens to be the biggest art museum, seemed like a great place to spend a day while visiting Rome.  Everything is so grand. Gives you a real feeling of how rich and prosperous the Catholic Church has been. Every building,... Continue Reading →


Colosseum is a 'must' for any eager tourist in Rome. The legendary amphitheatre that is nearly 2,000 years old. The place where around 5,000 gladiators died every year. I love ancient history, so I found it surreal being inside. I imagined the Colosseum to be bigger, but thinking back on it, it's not the size that makes... Continue Reading →

Akbar Trastevere @ Rome

Who cares about the tourist guides or Tripadvisor? Once you've walked through the door of a nice establishment, you know whether you are going to love it or hate it (until you get your first drink anyway 🙂 )Ben and I were wandering around the Trastevere area and spotted a bar - Akbar - it... Continue Reading →

Piazza Navona, Pantheon & Spanish steps

Piazza Navona is a beautiful square filled with cafes, street artists and performers.   You can get a caricature done within 5 minutes for 10€ - but Ben wasn't keen.😩I still have a couple of days to convince him - wish me luck! 😃 It felt absolutely amazing sitting down for a drink with live music... Continue Reading →

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