Efficient way to make yourself happy

or Applying 'Lean Principles' in personal life If you work in a large organisation, you must have probably heard of the Lean Principles. And if you haven’t, you probably will soon, as in these unprecedented times most of the organisations are worried about how efficient they are, their profit margins, etc… The key point, really,... Continue Reading →

Why I left Instagram for a week

After Donald Trump got banned from Twitter I felt like I had withdrawal symptoms. Throughout the election I got addicted to his Twitter feed, because this man is truly special – when you think it just can’t get any worse, he proves you wrong. Every. Single. Time. But I wondered  how much time he’s gained... Continue Reading →

My 2020

For the past week and a bit my Instagram and Facebook feed has been filled with everyone’s highlights of 2020, and this was the first year when I simply wasn’t ready to look back on 2020. Until now. It’s been a very different year. Most unusual. Most unexpected. It was a difficult year in soooo... Continue Reading →

What’s up Brexit?

The news feed is filled with a promise of speediest vaccine, Trump’s refusal to concede and how racists got offended by Sainsbury’s Christmas ad. But everyone seems to have forgotten about Brexit. So let me give you a whistle-stop tour, a swift reminder. The UK voted 52% in favour of the leaving the EU in... Continue Reading →

Self-care challenge this lockdown

Here we go, lockdown 2.0! This time it should be easier: we've all been through it already, and it should be shorter. Fingers crossed. Like many of you, when the first lockdown was announced, I was full of inspiration for all the fun things that I will do. But I wasn't furloughed - in fact,... Continue Reading →

Turtle Bay – the hidden gem of Oxford

I think we're all excited to be able to go back to the restaurants, and all of us are dreading the possibility of the second lockdown... But for now, we can enjoy the gifts of hospitality industry, and today I'd like to shine the light on an amazing Caribbean restaurant right in the heart of... Continue Reading →

Breathing more Zen into my bedroom

This post contains gifted product from Photowall.co.uk You know when you have a blank wall that you want to do something with, but don’t really know what? I had that wall, in my bedroom. Keeping that space empty – in theory – creates more space, but in practice, this is where stuff will pile up... Continue Reading →

Foraging Mushrooms in Oxfordshire

...or a story about how I found a lawn of mushroom gold (porcini!) 20 mins drive from Oxford My grandad used to say that mushroom foraging is in our blood. I remember waking up at dusk and going deep into the forest, to some known places, where we're hoping to get the best and the... Continue Reading →

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