Hello, it’s been a while.

(Nine months, if anyone’s counting)

I’ve turned into these people who call themselves bloggers, but only show up on IG, with barely any writing, showcasing ‘the best moments/outfits/night out’. The kind of people I used to raise my eyebrows at. Are you really a blogger?

But now… Am I really a blogger? We can’t have this.

Don’t get me wrong, there has been a number of stories I’ve told, a number of topics I’ve raised, but they are on a platform where it all gets lost so quickly, even for me. And whilst I get so much energy from people engaging with my content (thank you – to all of you who are here through IG who’s been double tapping and being a good sport! ❤ ), at the end of the day, it’s for me.

And that’s why I loved blogging – I could go back and read – and see where my headspace was at in a specific moment of my life. I can’t do this on Instagram – I’ve not shared any struggles apart from Endometriosis (to raise awareness), so all my personal and mental health troubles are behind the closed doors. In the blog though, the mood comes out. At least for me it does – I’m sorry if it doesn’t for the reader….

And this year was an absolute roller-coaster. I’ve had the most amazing highs, but also the deepest and the darkest lows. I can’t count the moments when I cried from happiness or was in tears from sadness, feeling helpless and alone. So I think it’s time to process, it’s time to get it all out, because – if you know me – I’m very not good at asking for help or communicating my issues.

But I want to be a real blogger, so I will try to take you on a journey with me: trying to figure out how to survive and prosper despite tragedies, mental health struggles and heart break.

Hope to see you again soon,




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