New series you HAVE to watch

If you ask any of my friends whether I am a TV series addict, their answer would probably be ‘Hell yes!’ or ‘When is she going to shut up about yet another series she is watching?’. The nice answer and the honest answer. Ha.

So now I’m taking it to my blog in a hope that someone with as much addiction to good TV series and strong dependence on new episodes and seasons coming out will actually appreciate the post. #highhopes

So, the series you absolutely have to watch is…


I wouldn’t have thought that I would be the ambassador of a TV series produced by 50 cents, but it’s. just. too. good.

A major New York drug dealer – Ghost – opens up a nightclukb to launder his very much illegal cash. Only opening the club has a special meaning to him; he is considering retiring and going clean – turning from a top dog drug dealer to an owner of one of the best clubs in New York. 

Whilst running the entire New York drug scene, Ghost bumps into his high school sweetheart in the club and they start an affair.

Typically, he is married with kids and she is (drum roll!!!) USA Attorney investigating a major drug case.

Do I need to say any more?

Prepare yourself for a lot of blood, gunshots and sex scenes. And watch this trailer:

First two seasons available on Netflix UK.  Season 3 comes out in July 2016.


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