Best real-life drama – USA Presidential election

In 50 days there will be a very important day for the USA: The 2020 Presidential election - Tuesday, November the 3rd. If you’re looking for something truly fascinating to watch, tune in for the next couple of months, because this will be the best drama to follow. If you don't follow it already, your... Continue Reading →

3 events that broke my heart this week

Wherever you look, there are always sad news. I feel blessed to live in such a safe country, where you can tune out the terrible things that happen in the world, because they simply don’t affect you – most of us do it, right? But three things happened this week, that are so close to... Continue Reading →

Russia: Faggots not allowed

There is this scandalous Russian blogger - Lena Miro - who I love to read once in a while, purely because her style of writing is very different from anyone else - she is straightforward and not afraid to voice her opinion, which I love. Some people call her a bully, but I don't particularly care... Continue Reading →

Trump has won.

As millions of others around the world, I felt bitter this morning when I read the news  - Donald Trump is the new USA president. It was a similar feeling to the 24th of June when Brexit results were announced - when you're convinced that people know better (at least in your opinion) and then... Continue Reading →

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