Best real-life drama – USA Presidential election

In 50 days there will be a very important day for the USA: The 2020 Presidential election – Tuesday, November the 3rd.

If you’re looking for something truly fascinating to watch, tune in for the next couple of months, because this will be the best drama to follow.

If you don’t follow it already, your algorithms are not likely to suggest any content on the topic, so I’ve prepared a couple of options, AND you can digest the most interesting political twists in a form that you prefer: Read, Watch or Listen.


First of all, it’s important to read a variety of news, from different political sides, and I’ll leave it up to you, which news source you trust – most of them will be covering USA Presidential election. I’d like to share a couple of interesting articles, that are certainly worth reading!

How Trump might announce election results fraudulent to keep his presidency

Read it here

Why the polls might not matter and how Trump could still win

Read it here

…But watching the polls is fun! But, again, I can’t stress enough, use multiple sources! Here’s the ones I keep an eye on:

BBC: US election 2020 polls: Who is ahead – Trump or Biden?

Fox News (Pro-Trump): Official polls

CNN (Anti-Trump): Presidential Polls 2020

You can also take a fun ‘who said it’ quiz (the header image source)


Youtube is bursting with content, and it might be difficult to navigate, so here I have two suggestions for beginners:

1. TLDR News US

I love the British TLDR, and started to watch the channel a while back, to digest all the complicated Brexit jargon. This channel, covers all hot topics of the US election – thoroughly recommend!

2. CrashCourse

Besides huge amount of fantastic content, this channel has a whole playlist of 50 videos that deep dive in all key aspects of US Government and Politics

Another activity that I LOVE doing, is finding a topic, and searching videos from Fox (Pro-Trump) vs CNN/NBC (or any Democrat supporting network). I’m sure you’ve heard of AOC’s response to Ted Yoho:

But this is how Fox (that have more mentions of AOC than any other TV network in the USA) covered it:

Watching both sides is not just important to understand why the nation is so divided, but can also often be hilarious…

And don’t forget about the campaign ads!


1. Americast

I’ve recommended this one already a couple of months back. Brilliant podcast lead by  Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel, where they explain everything about american politics, comment on the biggest gossip and translate all things American to British – so that everything makes sense!

If you want to get an understanding of how the USA election works, and understand the most important issues, this would be my #1 recommendation

Available to listen on BBC Sounds and Apple Podcasts

2. Trumpcast

Hosted by journalists Virginia Heffernan and León Krauze, this podcasts looks at Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency and his current administration. A lot of interesting episodes – and not just about politics!

Available to listen on Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts

3. Politico’s Nerd Cast

This weekly podcast is not for beginners, but if you’re well versed in American politics, Scott Bland and guests talk about the key news, as well as about the interesting issues that never make the headlines.

Available to listen on Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts

Whether you prefer consuming information by reading, listening or watching, I think watching this election will be captivating, and it will certainly have an impact on many global issues… So if you’d like to get closer to it, I hope the links above are helpful!

Lots of love,


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