Very Different Christmas

This Christmas was very different. First Christmas without family, first Christmas just the three of us – my husband, my kitten and me. I tested positive for Covid19, and five days later so did my husband, so going to see the family – which includes his grandma – was out of the question.

I have so many mixed feelings – I’m both heartbroken and very grateful. I’m both disappointed and relieved. I’m both sad and happy. I know that we weren’t the only ones kept apart from our families, and I know how fed up with all this many of you are – I am too! But safety of the family came first, so we had to make the best out of the worst situation.

Luckily, Ben’s mum is always well prepared. She buys enough food to feed the village (oh I’m so jealous of all of their freezer space!), so when we knew that we weren’t coming, Ben’s brother drove us down a care package – which had everything you’d need for the Christmas dinner, but most importantly – a turkey. The biggest turkey I’ve ever had to cook.

We tried to stick to our family traditions, to make it feel like it’s all normal – we had scrambled egg and salmon bagels for breakfast – coupled with a compulsory bucks fizz; we’ve had foiue gras with desert wine – before sitting down for the big event – Christmas meal.

It was a little stressful, I’m not going to lie. I’ve never had so much appreciation for my mum-in-law – I usually drink and assist throughout the Christmas, but she’s always in control – this time I had to watch the timings myself! But it went very well. Not the Christmas I’ve envisioned, but incredibly sweet. We got to speak to the family on Zoom, I’ve got some amazing presents, and loved watching reaction of everyone opening the presents I got for them. I got to spend the days with my husband – including the Boxing day – uninterrupted by his traditional Boxing Day car wash, or – in fact –  anyone else. 

Freedom is almost here, I can see the light in the tunnel. In fact, as I’m writing it, we’re already with our family, having a 4 days late Christmas dinner – this time it will be beef – I think we’ve all had enough of turkey! We will also soon reunite with our lovely friends – and although my birthday is still up in the air, at least we’re safe for NYE – apparently most of us are almost superhumans! 🙂 

I hope you all had a wonderful time, filled with love from all the people you care about, despite how different this Christmas might have been.

Lots of love, 


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