Almost Thirty

I’ve never been shy with my ‘you’re old’ jokes to anyone above thirty.

My best friend turned thirty last May, and I’ve even learnt a song for her on ukulele with the lyrics ‘You’re so old, thirty years old, turn the lights up, let’s get f*cked up’… Anyway, this joke’s life span – at least personally for me – is about to end. I soon will be old too. I’ve been giving it for a long time, time to toughen up and start receiving the grief..

Next week I’m turning thirty. I’m actually really looking forward to it.

And it’s not because I know that I’ll be able to celebrate my birthday properly, surrounded by the people I love, rather than in a lockdown and in tears like it was last year. I’m certainly looking forward to the weekend away, and it’s definitely the most thought out event I’ll be hosting since the wedding. I’m excited, but it’s not about turning thirty, it’s about a good party.

I’ve heard way too many times that the life really only starts when you’re thirty. I used to smirk: “You’re only saying this because your hangovers are getting worse”, but now I see it.

That’s the decade when you already know what you want from life, what you want to achieve, who you want to be surrounded with. The decade when you truly become financially independent, the decade that you can finally live by your own rules. And it’s also the decade when you’re still young and full of energy – although hangovers do get worse.

The last year of my 20s was an eye-opener, I’m learning from my mistakes, and not taking them into with me into the new decade. My thirties will be fantastic – I am sure of it. 

In my thirties, I’ll see more of this beautiful world, I will have an amazing career growth, I might even become a mother… I’m actually really looking forward to it.

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