‘I don’t vote. I don’t see the point…’

I was recently involved in a conversation about the upcoming General Elections and one lady said that she doesn’t believe in elections:

‘I don’t vote, I don’t see the point. One party promises to cut taxes, another to increase benefits, but all these things are small and unimportant. No matter who’s elected, they will still go and drop bombs on people and make huge nation- and life-changing decisions without public’s input.’

She was mostly opposed, with others in the discussion suggesting that she should show that she feels this way and still go to the polling station and just cross out the ballot as a sign of protest.


Estimated 64% of 18-24 year old didn’t bother voting in Brexit referendum, and look where it got us.

I don’t get to vote at the general election, but if I did, I would 100% go to the polling station and vote to make a point of my views.

You should too. Don’t forget to register to vote before 22nd of May.


10 thoughts on “‘I don’t vote. I don’t see the point…’

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      1. well what if you don’t like any of the parties on offer. people don’t like being told to vote for the one they dislike the least – that has been the case far too long and that is why there is so much apathy … not the other way around


      2. Then cross the ballot out! If a large percentage of voters crossed their ballots out without choosing a party, it would at least show how many people disagree with any party’s proposition. If you don’t, no one will ever know!


      3. I think that fundamentally, so many people complain about shot outcomes when they didn’t even bother to try and change it. Brexit is a great example in this case.


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