5 New TV series you need to watch

You will find something you like. 

Everyone who knows me is aware of what a huge TV series junkie I am. I watch them when I get ready, when I cook… Basically all the time. So without further adieu, here are my new finds:

1. 13 reasons why

What: Mystery drama. A girl commits suicide but leaves the tapes with her story behind.
Why I like it: Great acting and deep, captivating story. Absolute binge.

Watch trailer here       Available on Netflix

2. Imposters

What: Dark comedy. Beautiful con artist marries people, steals their money and disappears.
Why I like it: Long, dramatic con, fantastic acting and addictive characters. A must-watch for all ‘Hustle’ fans.

Watch trailer here

3. The Mick

What: Comedy. After the parents get arrested for fraud and tax evasion,  the most irresponsible and inappropriate aunt Mickey comes to look after the kids and a very wealthy family house. A lot of things go wrong.
Why I like it: Not a typical American sitcom.  Absolutely hilarious and has a good level of cringe. Perfect for fans of ‘It’s always sunny in Philadelphia’.

Watch trailer here

4. The Good Fight

What: Legal drama. The Good Wife (one of the best TV dramas ever!) spin off.
Why I like it: Current legal affairs, great cast and captivating story line. New weekly ritual.

Watch trailer here     Available on 4oD

5. Designated Survivor

What: Political drama series. When the entire USA government gets blown up by a terror attack, a lower member cabinet member suddenly becomes the President of the USA.
Why I like it: Big conspiracy, huge plot twists and very strong cast.  Ideal for ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Scandal’ fans.

Watch trailer here         Available on Netlix

Happy binging! 🙂

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