My recovery 

I’ve never posted anything too personal here, but I think it might be the right time to start.I was recently diagnosed with endometriosis, which required a surgery – pretty simple procedure with a minimal invasion – laparoscopy, or a key-hole surgery. On top of that I have opted in for hormonal birth control as part of a treatment.

The surgery was planned, and I was only in the hospital for a day. Everything went well.

I knew that the recovery process might be a bit difficult, but what I didn’t realise is how much effect it’s going to have on my day-to-day, very much planned life. So let’s reflect.

Week 1
First week was dreadful. Besides the pain and being constantly uncomfortable, I’ve mostly struggled staying at home.

Every time I’m off sick I have this horrible sense of guilt – all my colleagues are working and I’m doing nothing to help! People say that this is the time to focus on yourself, to get better, to re-charge yourself… But I cannot sit alone at home.

As one of my best friends said ‘Po, you’re a social butterfly: a caterpillar –  when lonely  – but spread your wings and transform into a beautiful  butterfly when around people’ – this was the case this time too. I felt like a useless caterpillar.
Luckily, some of my closest friends came over to support and cheer me up (flowers, cake, yay!) and I have spoken to my colleagues over the phone, so it wasn’t a week isolation, although it surely felt like it!

Gymming was not even in my thoughts – flight of stairs suddenly felt like a huge workout 😂

Week 2

I was up and running again and went to work in a cheerful mood on Monday. But then the hormones started to kick in and one minute I’m the happiest girls in the world, next minute I’m an upset little child. The joy of being a woman, eh? It’s okay, for the sake of everyone around me, I will adjust 🙂

This week was all about moving out from 191 to a cute little apartment in Temple Cowley. There was a lot of packing and cleaning, worries and disappointments. This took the most of my evenings, and feeling constantly uncomfortable having to lift and move the furniture, I wasn’t missing the gym at all.

Week 3

I’ve started to miss the exercise, the rush you get after the gym and the stress you get to relief, but as I have been signed off lifting for six weeks, I knew that the recovery is more important than satisfying my desires.

Unpacking the flat and making it super cute took most of my evenings. Karaoke and social events have taken my mind off the exercise, but I started to have dreams about the gym (seriously – dreamt about exercising haha).

Ben surprised me with an evening at Nirvana Spa on Sunday which re-energised and healed (I strongly believe so!) me completely.

Here we go, at the beginning of Week 4 and I’m pretty sure that this week I’m going to say ‘screw it! Time to get back to my routine!’

Let’s see 😉 stay tuned!

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