Turtle Bay – the hidden gem of Oxford

I think we’re all excited to be able to go back to the restaurants, and all of us are dreading the possibility of the second lockdown… But for now, we can enjoy the gifts of hospitality industry, and today I’d like to shine the light on an amazing Caribbean restaurant right in the heart of Oxford: Turtle Bay

A couple of weeks back, I was lucky to be invited for a complimentary meal – and needless to say they have completely won me over. Trust my words, I’ll be soon a regular there!

As usual, my dinner date was my best friend Sarah, and here’s what she had to say:

I am a big fan of spice, flavour and colour, all of which you will find at turtle bay.
I was very impressed with there hand hygiene, one way systems, screens and COVID protocols which is super important at the moment to make you feel more comfortable.
The decor is a vibrant clash of vivid painted murals, neon slogans and the fairy lights, I was a very happy photographer.

I must admit from the beginning – I’m not the biggest fan of spicy food – sweet chilli is too hot for me, so I was slightly worried that I’m not going to be able to enjoy my meal and leave the restaurant with burning mouth, but…

…I loved the spice! You can always ask the kitchen to have less hot sauce, and I opted out from topping up to add extra spice – this place will suit any pallet! ❤

If you didn’t take a pic, did you even eat it?!

My 100% favourite dish on the menu was Sweetcorn Fritters – crispy, sweet, delicious… Very large portion as well! (I would recommend to share)

The Garlic Pit Prawns – oh, a dish from heaven – who doesn’t love a bit of garlic oil??!

Vegan Chocolate Brownie & Banana Toffee Cheesecake… Guys you can’t imagine how full I was (Sarah does have a separate stomach for dessert so the plate was scraped clean), although I do recommend to watch number of chilli flakes you are ready to put in your mouth! 🙂


Turtle Bay run 2 for 1 on cocktails, all day, every day.

Firstly, yes, this makes them very very competitive for central Oxford (Bargain!)

Secondly, the range is de-li-cious! Try proving me wrong, but I’m convinced they do the best Mai Tai in town.

Side Chick Martini & Mai Tai

On top of everything, the service was fantastic – every member of staff was very helpful, friendly – and most importantly – very understanding to my ‘OH MY GOD IT’S HOT! I LIKE IT!’ outbursts that I kept heaving throughout the dinner. 🙂

We can’t travel to the Caribbean but at least we can transport our taste buds there! If you haven’t been yet – go. You won’t regret it ❤

Lots of love,


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