Breathing more Zen into my bedroom

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You know when you have a blank wall that you want to do something with, but don’t really know what?

I had that wall, in my bedroom.

Keeping that space empty – in theory – creates more space, but in practice, this is where stuff will pile up – shopping bags, a suitcase from a recent trip… Which isn’t a pleasant view, especially when it’s the first thing you see when you come into the bedroom.

A couple of months back we bought an IKEA shelf for our wardrobe room, but there was a gap of a good couple of days between me assembling the shelf and sorting out the wardrobe, so the shelf stayed in the spot… And I liked it!

Finally I had more surface space to get more plants!

I got book stoppers as well as some temporary boxes from Amazon to keep things organised and neat – it’s easy to get these shelves visually cluttered.

…But something was missing; I knew I wanted to add something to that wall. We already have some wallpaper in the bedroom, just to contrast some areas, so wall-paper or mural simply wouldn’t fit in, so a print, a poster, or a canvas was the best way to go… And the universe listened, or maybe the stars have aligned, but Photowall reached out to me for collaboration. This couldn’t have happened at a better time!

As it’s our bedroom, our safe haven, I wanted something calming. I have been looking at forest pictures for weeks, and having recently gone foraging, was reminded how much I love being in the forest. Despite going through so many great options, sending links back and forwards with my husband, the choice always fell on August Morning

Photowall allows you to mirror the image – which was very important to me – I wanted to see the sunlight coming through from the direction of our window.

I decided to opt in for a canvas – as it’s above the shelf, it doesn’t need to be flat, as a poster in a frame would be. It was, however, my first time assembling the canvas myself! It was very straightforward, and it came with the instructions – my inner craft girl actually enjoyed it a lot!

If you’d like to breath new life into a room, I’d certainly recommend Photowall – and they have kindly given me a discount code to share with you:

Use ‘POLINAROCKS25’ to get a 25% discount on any Photofowall products – valid until 20th of November’20

Lots of love,

Po x

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