Love Saves The Day: 5 things I learned

My bank holiday weekend was absolutely epic – I went to Love Saves The Day festival, in Eastville Park, Bristol.

It’s not my first festival, and certainly not the last one, but I couldn’t have enjoyed it more! I’m not going to bore you with a typical festival review – you all know what festivals are like, however there are a couple of things I’ve learned for myself, which I would like to share with you.

1. I don’t understand fashion

Don’t get me wrong – I completely appreciate that the most outrageous wear is absolutely acceptable at the festivals, however recent trends aren’t making many girls any favours…

Winning Beauty Cut Out Bodysuit - Neon PinkImage result for neon cut out butt trousers

Crazy cut-outs look great (or some might argue – ridiculous) on models, in pictures, with the right posing, but on a drunk , dancing/stumbling girl it can often look gross and inappropriate.

I wanted to quote my dad out loud: ‘Hey missy, did you forget to put a skirt on?’ – he used to say this to me when I wore leggings – you know how dads are with fashion. My leggings covered my ass though… Anyway, I kept my mouth shut, because the atmosphere was just so awesome, and the whole weekend there was this positive vibe.

I just don’t get it. I guess the culture of Love Island is to blame.

2. Attractions & rides make festivals memorable

No matter how great the performances are, a couple of festivals/years down the line some of the memories will fade – but I can still remember my first ever silent disco at Reading Festival, being on fairy’s wheel at Common People, and Love Saves the Day (LSTD) will forever be the place where I went  – for the first time in my life (!) – on a Helter Skelter ride. Yes, I’m a grown up woman. Don’t judge me.  😝

cof_softTake a break from the crowd, and go on a mini adventure with your friends – you will never regret it, however silly the attractions may seem.cof_soft

3. I actually love bum bags

For some silly reasons, I’ve never owned one, and never particularly wanted to purchase one. But as I’m getting wiser/more experienced/older (you choose!), comfort is becoming more and more important. Three years ago I’ve discovered a back pack, and since then I’m in love with them – you have free hands! But now, with a bum bag (or fanny pack if you like), we have moved on to the next level: free hand plus free back! Polina JOnes Oxford Love Saves THe Day (4)

I’m not even going to mention how cute I think it looks on me with pretty much every outfit, because that’s just my opinion – oh wait I just did! Moving on…

4. Anyone enjoys a ball pit at any age

Seriously, don’t even bother to deny it. You might not like the sound of it, but as soon as you see it, you want to go riiiiiiight in.


It’s healthy to release your inner child once in a while – and a festival is an exact right place to do it, don’t you think? Top tip: Go in early – get good light for pictures, and enjoy relatively sober crowd 🙂


5. Line up isn’t everything

LSTD had a great line up this year – Shy FX & Lily Allen, Chase & Status and Bonovo performed exceptionally, and there were a lot of other acts that I really enjoyed. But it wasn’t why I came. I knew that even if I didn’t know any of the artists, I’m surrounded by great people, and we can have fun absolutely anywhere! As this wasn’t a big festival, it was easy to stick together whenever we wanted to – and it was gold.  Finding your mates within minutes, with the help of the magic app is priceless. I also liked the fact that there were no camping, that it was day festival, I loved the atmosphere, and this for sure will forever be one of my fondest memories.


Love really saves the day. ❤





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