Dinner out for £10? Yes please!

I am forever on a hunt for a bargain – especially when it comes to meals out, as more often than not you end up spending your weekly supermarket budget on just one meal in a restaurant.

Living in Oxford, which is considered the most unaffordable city in the UK, it can be quite tricky to both manage your finances, whilst enjoying eating out.

Rejoice, fellow Oxfordians, especially the residents of East Oxford, as I have discovered an amazing deal for a delicious dinner in one of the best pubs within the area: The Supper Hour at The Magdalen Arms.

Yes, you saw this right: The Magdalen Arms are offering £10 for main, a soft drink and a coffee.


The choice is limited: you can either go for burger and- or mussels and chips. We went for mussels, which were absolutely delicious.


The portion, once you include a whole bowl of chips is definitely big enough for dinner, but as we were celebrating my friend Sarah’s birthday, we opted in for the deserts as well… #guilty Who could say no to a chocolate fondant and praline ice-cream?!

Full disclosure – the dinner cost us more, as we also went for a bottle of bubbly, but if we were on a budget, £10 would have satisfied both our desires and stomachs.


The staff were fantastic as well, which gave this restaurant rather than pub feel – huge fan!

Will I be going back? Hell yes, we’ve got to try out the burgers as well!


BRB running to get my dinner.

Lots of Love,


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