Spanish Princess – new series worth your time

Great news! Another good quality historical TV series have landed – and of course I had to jump right in it: The Spanish Princess.

Sequel to The White Queen, by BBC (set during the War of Roses), and The White Princess, STARZ (The beginning of Tudor reign), this story is about The Spanish Princess, Katherine of Aragon – the first wife of Henry the 8th.

What do we know about Katherine?  We know that Henry wanted to divorce her so hard, that he changes the religion of this country, but not many know what happened before that – and these series give you a feel of what Katherine’s youth was like, and why she was such a devoted Catholic.

As usual, great cast, fantastic costumes and sets, and an amazing story line, which whether you like it or not, teaches you history.

I’ve already told you about my Medieval England obsession   and I’m just so glad that my passion is fuelled by good quality books and shows.

Give it a try – might be helpful for a pub quiz!

Available to watch on Amazon Prime STARZ add-on

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