Consolidation time

We are the generation that saw huge development of all sorts of platforms as we were growing up: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs… You name them!

I don’t have enough fingers to count how many different social networks we got exposed to in our short life span. And naturally, most of us jumped right in to every single one of them, either to check it out, to stay relevant, or out of simple human curiosity.
Suddenly, we’ve put all of our eggs in too many baskets, we created too many accounts to be able to manage, we exist in so many different worlds, which at a glance, represent us in different light – depending on what and how often we choose to share valuable bits of our private lives.

I’m not going to get into the discussion of how toxic and dangerous this can be to our mental health – this isn’t the point of this blog.
The point is – many of us have spread ourselves too thin, forgetting about some platforms and then coming back to them – ultimately lacking any commitment to maintain the presence we’ve once might have aspired to have when registering an account.
As a result, this created pressure. A lot of pressure. You have Facebook where you’re supposed to check in, Pinterest that is supposed to represent your biggest dreams, Instagram that’s supposed to show best bits of your life in pictures only (let’s be honest, how many of you read every caption before you double tap or keep scrolling?! Exactly.)
Image result for too much social media meme
I fell into this trap as well. In no way I’m victimising myself, however I have always had the urge and felt the need to upkeep my accounts – and when I didn’t – take this blog, for example, I felt guilty, like I betrayed a promise. I’d like to say that it’s just me, but I know that this is the case for so many of us. And that’s not healthy. And this is a problem.
What do you do when you encounter a problem? You (should) look for a way to solve it. You (should) collect your eggs and put them in less baskets (one may be too difficult to start with – baby steps!)
So this is what I’m doing. I have the job that I love, but that’s very demanding, I value my good friends and my social life, I’m committed to my multiple hobbies (those eggs need sorting soon too – I’m well aware of that – stay tuned) and I need my beauty sleep. That only leaves that much time for social media… It’s time to give some of those accounts up – BUT – with a right mindset.
Being a ‘Monica‘, giving up to me often seems like failure, but it’s time to think of it as a path to success instead. Instead of 80 20 rule, I’ll cut some of the actions out completely – the payback isn’t worth the energy.
Of course I’m keeping:
  • This blog – and have more plans for it
  • Facebook – more to stay connected with people, and spread updates from this blog
  • Instagram – only account
  • Youtube – but only ad-hoc, no more time commitments

I’m putting a stop to:

  • All of my other blogs – true consolidation, my friends
  • My fitness Instagram account @polina.lifts – one account is enough, Social Media is only a hobby
  • Pinterest – I’ll still be a visitor, but no more board building!
  • VK – I have a while back, but I’ve now backed up old photos so byeee

I’m choosing this blog to be the important platform – because it’s mine, my own. Stay tuned! X

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