Which star sign should I be???

A couple of weeks ago the news broke that left a lot of people in shock. NASA has added a brand new zodiac sign, so everyone’s star signs got shifted! Social media blew up with mixed reactions – some were outraged, whilst others welcomed it, as the new signs seem to suit better… So I decided to look into this too.

My birthday is on the 12th of January, so I have always been a proud Capricorn:

Ambitious, hardworking, analytical and disciplined, but very stubborn

Do these traits describe me? Pretty sure they do!

But now, apparently, I’m a Sagittarius.

Energetic, adventurous, optimistic and independent, but brutally honest

These fit in too… So I decided to go to the most trustworthy source of any information: memes, and would you look at that, both Capricorn and Sagittarius fit!

So what am I supposed to do? Stick to the ‘old faith’ and traditional astronomy (as a true Capricorn would do), or embrace the new view and proclaim to be a Sagittarius?

Which star sign should I be?

Why should I even care?

I’m very skeptical of astrology. Horoscopes, let’s be honest, are a joke  – why should you be more careful not to offend someone feelings, just on that day, just for that star sign? Or focus your energy on work to achieve great results, just on that day, just for that star sign?

Why? Because the starts are aligned? Surely you should be doing it every day? Yet many of us read them, and relate to them.

The star signs give us an excuse for our negative traits or actions:

It’s not my fault, it’s because of my star sign!


Ultimately, NASA shut these news down – let’s not forget that they are the experts in astronomy, not astrology. Old hoax resurfaces online about NASA adding 13th zodiac sign ...

Despite this, many of us started looking at different signs, trying to figure out which ones we can relate to more – but:

is this to explain some of our shitty not so positive traits


to aspire for the new sign’s wonderful traits?


Let me know your thoughts.




What International Women’s Day means to me

Today is International Women’s Day – which falls on 8th of March every year, and I grew up knowing this. In all post-Soviet countries, the tradition stayed the same for years:

This is the day when men show their appreciation for women they love. 

The flower shops would be flooded by men of all ages, and all of them are getting flowers for all of the important women in their lives: mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and friends.  Many boys would be getting flowers for their favourite teachers.

My mum would have an arrangement with a florist, so when the men of our family went to buy flowers, they would all be same height and type.. basically so you don’t get a bunch of mismatched flowers!

Many would gift a single flower – often a rose – but in our household it was always tulips.

As a girl in my teens, I’d be getting flowers from my dad, grandad, two uncles, brother, two cousins, a couple of key family friends, boys from school, from music school, from karate… This was the day when you felt the love of all key men around you. But that was in my home country, in Estonia.

Interestingly enough, not many would say ‘Happy International Women’s Day!’; in Russian culture it’s simply “Happy 8th of March!’ – because everyone knows what that date is.

My first International Women’s Day, when I moved to England, was sad – I was terribly homesick, because nobody celebrated it, and the boys here weren’t brought up to know that flowers are a must on 8th of March. I shared my feelings with Ben, and that one year was the only year I was left without flowers. He’s a good egg ❤

oxford bloggers

But now, 11 years on, a lot more people know about International Women’s Day, and the narrative has changed:

Women’s Equality

I love the campaigns that are run by great organisations that promote equality for women in many different aspect, and I love what local communities are doing. I love the rise of Women supporting Women, of #EachforEqual campaign this year and just how empowering this day has become. Most of all, I love the facts that this is the day to stop and think about most the important and inspirational women in your life – for both women and men.

But still, for me, forever, 8th of March is the day when I’ll get a sweet message from my dad and many other old friends from back home.  The day of tulips, appreciation and love.

I hope that each and one of you, ladies, got to spend the day the way you wanted.

Happy International Women’s Day!


P.S. Spot the Party Po

Lots of Love,



Drafts & Notes:  Keep your opinion to yourself.

The other day I was tidying up drafts on this blog, along the notes across my phones and notebooks, and I’ve realised how much I’ve chosen to keep private; how I wasn’t ready to share so many thoughts and opinions with you.

Don’t forget here, we’re talking about me. For someone who isn’t afraid to be opinionated and unfiltered, the quantity of thoughts, hypothesises and notes that I wouldn’t dare to publish was astonishing. The reason they forever stayed as drafts is simple – Continue reading “Drafts & Notes:  Keep your opinion to yourself.”

Consolidation time

We are the generation that saw huge development of all sorts of platforms as we were growing up: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs… You name them!

I don’t have enough fingers to count how many different social networks we got exposed to in our short life span. And naturally, most of us jumped right in to every single one of them, either to check it out, to stay relevant, or out of simple human curiosity.
Suddenly, we’ve put all of our eggs in too many baskets, we created too many accounts to be able to manage, we exist in so many different worlds, which at a glance, represent us in different light – depending on what and how often we choose to share valuable bits of our private lives.

Continue reading “Consolidation time”

What makes you happy?

Today is International Day of Happiness, which was introduced by the UN in 2012 to recognise ‘the relevance of happiness and well-being as universal goals and aspirations in the lives of human beings around the world and the importance of their recognition in public policy objectives’ as well as to be a useful reminder that the happiness comes from family, friends and good emotional well-being rather than money and fame.

This leads me to a question: who is actually celebrating this day – the happy ones, or the ones looking for happiness?

Image result for happiness meme

Continue reading “What makes you happy?”

Not so White Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve, and there is no snow. I’m not shocked or surprised at all – it’s to be expected – I live in England. 😀  Usually, I’m super jealous of my family and friends in Estonia – they tend to get a beautiful, White Christmas. Not this year though! No one seems to have a White Christmas this year – is it a sign of global warming or did the seasons get shifted?

I’ve learnt to adjust to a ‘green’ Christmas and feel the festivities from the Christmas tree, decorations and music around me… But I would definetely give up half of my presents for some snow!

Have a wonderful Christmas and fingers crossed for snow (not going to happen!) 🙈

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