Today is the day I become a great blogger.

Today! – I promised myself.

Today I will finally sit down and write down all of my grand ideas for content, put down in writing so many thoughts that’s been rummaging through my head… Today is the day. Today is the day I commit more to blogging and content creation…

And then I’d get an email from the client at 5pm and end up working late.

Or I’ll go out for drinks, because socialising, oh my, is very important.

Or I’ll host a dinner, because the inner housewife bursts out of me once in a while…

Look, I’m an adult, and I’ve learned to prioritise. Of course, my career, and relationships with people around me is a lot more important than writing a blog post. Time seems to become more valuable the older we get, and seeing that I don’t monetise my blog, most of the times, writing, content creation and video editing would get to the bottom of the list.

But this is the issue of time. There is another angle. When I get through my ‘life list’ and actually do have time to sit down and blog, I often have a complete mind blank.

You see – I work in data analytics, so most of the day my brain is wired to investigate, look at any issue from all possible angles, and then form and present useful insight on the issue, which would be valuable, and ideally profitable to the client. It’s wonderfully rewarding, but devastatingly exhausting. After a packed, long day at work, quite often, I simply don’t want to even open my laptop. I don’t want to look at the screen, I don’t want to hand-write, I just want to watch some political programme and not move.

BUT… I’m a big champion of balance. If there are too many evenings when I can’t even write, surely, I need to review this? Luckily, February is over – which is always the toughest time of the year for the whole team at work – which means my work life balance should return back to…better? 🙂

As I just got back home from my last big presentation this month – as I’m writing this –  I feel the relief that only equals to handing in your dissertation, or passing you final big exam… So whilst exhausted, I’m feeling this kick of motivation to turn my energy to something that’s not just my job.

I kept setting myself these goals – to post X times, to post about that or that, and so far I’ve mostly failed. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you were on my blog? If you’ve ever even visited it? I clearly wasn’t doing a good job.

So let’s do this better. Today!


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