Bye 2016, #Bringon2017

What a year it’s been! I have seriously mixed feelings about 2016. It’s been  tricky and challenging , with so much change and so many losses, but I would like to believe that I came out stronger. There have been so many amazing things though! I find reflecting back very helpful to identify the new goals,... Continue Reading →

Trump has won.

As millions of others around the world, I felt bitter this morning when I read the news  - Donald Trump is the new USA president. It was a similar feeling to the 24th of June when Brexit results were announced - when you're convinced that people know better (at least in your opinion) and then... Continue Reading →

My Medieval England obsession

My obsession with English medieval history started quite a while back. I was back home on holiday when I walked into the lounge where my dad was watching The Tudors with an encyclopedia on his lap. He was fact checking the series (as you do!) and pointed out that since I have moved to England,... Continue Reading →

When your life is a mess.

I'm sure that at least once every one of you felt like your life was a mess. Too much work, illnesses, overload with extra curriculum activities and household responsibilities, as well as partying a bit too much can make you feel like you've hit the rock bottom. So how do you climb out? I've hit... Continue Reading →

Why I hate being ill

With the temperature going below zero, it is officially flu time - I have recently joined the army of people who sneeze and blow their noses all day long. Yikes! When I was younger, getting ill felt like a holiday - you don't have to go to school, get to watch cartoons all day, eat... Continue Reading →

Motivation and Inspiration Day

Hello and Happy New Year! Today is Motivation and Inspiration Day, which is timed perfectly to talk about keeping up with the New Year's resolutions. The hangover is gone, so it's time to get motivated and inspired for the coming year. I would like to share my resolutions with you. These aren't the practical ones... Continue Reading →

Not so White Christmas

It's Christmas Eve, and there is no snow. I'm not shocked or surprised at all - it's to be expected - I live in England. 😀  Usually, I'm super jealous of my family and friends in Estonia - they tend to get a beautiful, White Christmas. Not this year though! No one seems to have a... Continue Reading →

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