Is it time for The Apprentice to evolve?

I always wait for The Apprentice with a lot of anticipation, I have a very soft spot for it. You might say that it’s rubbish, that the candidates are stupid and the show is boring, and that’s your right. But when others enjoy watching Made in Chelsea and religiously follow the Kardashians, I choose TV shows that make me think about what I would have done in specific situations. I’m more interested in finding out who got fired rather than who slept with who.

As you can imagine, my Wednesday nights are completely sorted for the next couple of weeks. The sound of Dance of the Knights gets me truly excited.

One of the concepts on the show, though, really bothers me: the candidates aren’t allowed to google anything.

Last night episode was about discount buying, where the teams had to find the items and buy them for the lowest price within a set time frame. All they could use was the telephone book and they could only call people up one at a time.

I appreciate the fact that when the series started, this is how everyone conducted business – via the phone. Nowadays, however, you can find any item and know exactly how to get it within seconds, thanks to Google or Siri.

Whereas it’s an interesting and challenging task to give,  I’m yet to understand how it helps Lord Sugar to judge candidates’ skills about running their business.

Year after year the candidates are doing the same tasks and face the same challenges, but with evolving business and world, shouldn’t the show be evolving as well?

What are your thoughts?

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