Meet my heroes

Today we are be celebrating 75th VE Day (Victory in Europe) –  the day when the Second War Ended. Most of Europe celebrates it on the 8th of May, but all post-Soviet countries special day is the 9th of May – purely because of the difference of the time zones at the moment of signing!... Continue Reading →

Bubble Bath Day

Today is International Bubble Bath Day, and seeing that it fell on a Sunday I decided to start my day with.. drumroll... A bubble bath! Not that I need an excuse - I could practically be a mermaid if you knew how much time I spend getting my fingertips all wrinkly. 🙂 This special day was... Continue Reading →

International Men Make Dinner Day

Ladies, rejoice! It's international Men Make Dinner day, so put your feet up, relax and watch your man/men cook for you. :)My men - my boyfriend and my lovely housemate cook for me all the time (unless I am cooking for them, duh!) and I can't even describe how impressed I am with their efforts.... Continue Reading →

Is it time for The Apprentice to evolve?

I always wait for The Apprentice with a lot of anticipation, I have a very soft spot for it. You might say that it's rubbish, that the candidates are stupid and the show is boring, and that's your right. But when others enjoy watching Made in Chelsea and religiously follow the Kardashians, I choose TV... Continue Reading →

Dishwasher appreciation post

Dear Dishwasher, You have no idea how much I appreciate you in my life! I happened to live with one of your relatives for a couple of months, but apart from that time, for the last couple of years I've been good friends with the sink,  sponge and Fairy liquid. Now, things have changed. Now... Continue Reading →

Have a bath tonight

You have to - it's international Bathtub day - what a great excuse to shut everything (and everyone!) off and spend a couple of hours relaxing in a hot, bubbly bath. Having a bath at home is a requirement for me - I would not consider living in a property that only has a shower.... Continue Reading →

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