Bubble Bath Day

Today is International Bubble Bath Day, and seeing that it fell on a Sunday I decided to start my day with.. drumroll… A bubble bath! Not that I need an excuse – I could practically be a mermaid if you knew how much time I spend getting my fingertips all wrinkly. 🙂


This special day was the perfect opportunity to try out one of my Christmas presents –  Mad Beauty Cocktail Bubble Bath Shots.

These are super-cute, smell really nice and one shot makes quite a lot of bubbles.

I’m a big fan of all sorts of additions to my bath – from bubbles to salts and bath bombs – which makes it easy for my friends to get me presents 🙂

What are the benefits of having a bath?

A hot bath helps to detox and boosts your immunity by increasing your blood circulation – so  you that you can sweat out all of the toxins (hangover bath is a must!). 

After all these hours in the gym, it’s absolutely great for deep muscle relaxation and aromatherapy. Personally, I feel reborn after a nice hot bath. 🙂

Having a bath is basically creating a mini spa for your skin. Bath bombs with the right oils can help to fight a number of skin conditions, and not to mention all the hair and face masks you can do while you’re there!


Some people say having a bath is boring… Not when you have something good to watch and something tasty to drink (tea, juice, wine – your choice!).

Tonight is a must – have a bath!

Happy Bubble Bath day!

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