25 presents for 25th Birthday

My birthday is coming up, and I’ve already got  an early present from Alice and Keaton – and what a present it is!

The guys got me a box with 25 items – for my age – and each item is so thoughtful! I’m going on a ski trip the day after my birthday, so this hamper is not only helpful, but will remind me of them throughout the trip (Keaton is coming with me, but Alice is far away in Edinburgh). The box came with a card explaining each item – I copied it from the card for you to read below 🙂

So what was in the box?

things-to-take-on-a-ski-trip-best-hamper-present-ever-polina-51. Hipflask!
2. Chocolate to help boost you
3. Prosecco to celebrate you birthday
4. Energy drink will help the lack of sleep!

things-to-take-on-a-ski-trip-best-hamper-present-ever-polina-75. Warm tights for underclothes
6.Some warm fluffy socks to keep out the cold
7. Head band – to keep your ears warm
8. Phone gloves – to take selfies and still being warm

Things to take on a ski trip best hamper present ever polina (8).png
9. Deep Heat – because skiing/partying is hard work!
10. Re-hydration tablets to help refresh in the mornings
11. Paracetamol – because… well hangovers!
12. Suncream for your face in case you burn
13. Hand cream in case your hands get dry
14. Lip care to help with the cold weather
15. Plasters in case of blisters when skiing

Things to take on a ski trip best hamper present ever polina (9).png
16. Hand warmer for the extra cold days
17. A book – so you won’t get bored on the coach
18. An apple – helpful with hangovers

19. Token – to lean on Keaton for an hour on the coach
20. Eye mask &
21. Ear plugs for the coach journey
22. Playing cards – for drinking games / coach journey
23. Camera – to take those all important photos
24.Waterproof Mascara so you can look pretty whilst skiing
25. Birthday Crown for Princess Po

This box is so me – thanks guys!

I literally can’t even express how amazing this present is and how excited I am about my upcoming birthday… Should be fun. 🙂

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  1. I had a friend years ago that would give me presents on my decade birthdays: 30 presents for my 30th birthday… but I’m 60 now and she’s not in my life now. And plus I’m a minimalist and don’t need much ‘stuff’ anymore! 🙂


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