Brookes Snow Ski Trip 2017

We just got back from the best Ski trip ever at Les Acrs 1800, and I just can’t keep my emotions in! I literally was in tears on the last day – leaving the Alps broke my heart!

First of all, I would like to say a massive thank you to the Oxford Brookes Snow Sports Committee and Wastelandski reps – you guys have made the trip absolutely fantastic!

Secondly, I would like to thank my friends, who have been amazing this week and made the trip the best group trip I’ve ever been to.polina-rocks-les-arces-brookes-snow-ski-trip-2017-emoji

Thirdly, I need to thank the weatherman, who granted us some fresh pow on the day we arrived.polina-rocks-les-arces-brookes-snow-ski-trip-2017

This was my first ski trip ever, and I was a little nervous about keeping up with the others, but luckily, I picked it up quite quickly and stacked it down the hill only a couple of times. 🙂 After the full day of skiing, we would head to apres ski – a bar in the middle of the mountain where everyone drinks as much beer and wine as they can, dance on the tables, undress and feel like we’re on top of the world.polina-rocks-les-arces-brookes-snow-ski-trip-2017-apresOnce it gets darker, all of us would ski down to the resort. We’d clean ourselves up (sho-bath is one of the best things!), have a nap, cook group meals (hats off to Piers), dress up for the themed night out and start drinking again. I couldn’t help myself and made 100 jelly shots one night. They didn’t last long 🙂polina-rocks-les-arces-brookes-snow-ski-trip-2017-golf-ballWe’d go out to the bar which would be filled with dressed-up Brookes people and creepy French guys and keep dancing on the tables, doing press-ups for saying M.I.N.E., throwing golf balls in each other drinks (you have to down your drink if someone throws a golf ball in it) and take blurry selfies. If we were still alive we would move on to the club until we’d run out of cash or black out.16002888_102119242polina-rocks-les-arces-brookes-snow-ski-trip-2017-alpsThe next day we would wake up and repeat all of the above. I felt like a fresher again!

polina-rocks-les-arces-brookes-snow-ski-trip-2017-valley-rallyValley Rally was the next level crazy. We all dressed up as unicorns (A blessing of unicorns – Unique Horns? 🙂 ) and went down the slopes as a team to complete the most ridiculous challenges. We drank champagne (bubbles in a bubble lift), shared 10 litres of wine between all of us as well as some gross fish shots that made everyone chunder… and yes, we all got partially naked on the mountains for a photo. Skiing whilst drunk might be considered dangerous, but it’s so much fun!polina-rocks-les-arces-brookes-snow-ski-trip-2017-retroWe also had a crazy Mountain Meal, but I guess when it comes to it, what happened in Alps stays in Alps! 🙂

I can’t wait to get to the mountains and just feel so blessed to have been surrounded by the coolest people and so much snow!

Video is coming up soon, look out. X

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