The Magnificent Summer ’19

This summer has been great – so great that I’d like to reflect and put these memories in one place.
I’ve been lucky: my summer started early with a trip to Puglia and Love Saves The Day festival in Bristol in May, which I’ve already told you all about. Now let’s get to the 11 best moments of the Magnificent Summer ’19 😍

1. Fitfest Oxford

This will be a tradition of ours with Sarah: who can say no to a day of fun fitness, networking and an occasional beer? 😆

2. Jamie’s birthday bottomless brunch

What a day! Looking forward to our afternoon tea on the cruise in Windsor ❤

3. Dubrovnik

This trip steals the show! One of the best travel adventures Ben and I have ever been on; it was so impactful that I made a whole video series about the trip.😁

4. Summer Sizzler

Private mini festival with friends – also the only occasion this summer when I slept in a tent 🙃 Or did I even sleep?

5. Nielsen 80s party

Celebrating my company’s 80th birthday in Oxford was done IN STYLE. I also took home well deserved winner medal (I get super competitive after a couple of beers!)

6. Prague

Best possible adventures with my bestie! And £1 beer. 😅
All the fun is on the tag #PoandSarahinPrague and in my Highlights on my Insta


7. Estonia



First wedding anniversary spent with my family and close friends – I couldn’t have wished for a better trip ♥️ I don’t visit my home country that often, so it was just so special. Thank you everyone!

8. Punting party

Naughty Nauticals were lucky as hell with the weather, but what a day! We hired 3 punts and went up the river to the pub, boozing and completing challenges that I’ve prepared for all the sailors (Monica style: organised fun). We should make it an annual thing. We will.

9. Foodies festival

Foodies was one of the most pleasant highlights: meeting the founder of such a great event, and taking my friends to the VIP for the day. More fun things here

10. Bank holiday in Suffolk

This is our family’s tradition – to meet up at the bank holiday weekend around Suffolk. Hanging out the fam was fab, but getting to see  Orford Castle and swimming in the English sea for the first time ever just made it so much more memorable ❤

11. Wet’N’Wild

The caption explains itself, but I cannot recommend this place enough >> Oxford Wet N Wild


If you’re still reading, you might have contributed to my magnificent summer; and if you have – THANK YOU. I’m blessed to be surrounded by the best people who I had the best summer ever so far in my life with.





Po x


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