Scotland, you’ve won my heart!

I’m a frequent visitor to Scotland, however most of the times it’s for business rather than leisure. In fact, most of the times it’s a round trip in one day – and all I see is the road from Glasgow airport to the office.

But I knew that there is so much more to Scotland than Glasgow (everyone should know this, ha), and I saw the most beautiful shots whilst watching Outlander – TV series set in Scottish Highlands. So we had to go – and we did, on our 11 year anniversary.

Outlander Scotland Tour filming location Highlands

Within 4 days, we saw 7 castles, followed the path of Claire and Jamie in the key filming locations, and overall,  travelled almost 500 miles. The trip took my breath away, so I’m sharing it with you, hoping to inspire you to add Scotland to your bucket list.

Scotland Outlander road trip map

I fully recommend to put Outlander playlist on (Spotify) whilst scrolling through our journey. ❤

Day One: we arrive to Edinburgh Airport mid-morning, and go to collect our car rental.

Side note: Ben managed to find a crazy deal – you won’t believe it, but we paid in total of £21.45 for four days!!! We booked through Gold Car, who aren’t in the airport parking hub – there is a coach to Secure Airparks – goes every 10 mins and takes 2 mins. You’ll save £££

We then head out to our first stop, which is only 15 mins from Edinburgh Airport:

[1] Midhope Castle – Lallybroch

Outlander Scotland Tour filming location Midhope castle lallybroch

Must do for any Outlander fan: £3.50 for the visit.

Here for more info on Midhope Castle

[2] Blackness Castle


We then headed for Blackness Castle, which stands for Fort William in Outlander, and we didn’t go in, but it looked gorgeous.

More about Blackness Castle

[3] Stirling


Stirling was the next stop, and we only stopped for lunch and looked at the view of Stirling Castle. We’ll visit it next time; not that I need an excuse to come back!

Stirling Castle website

[4] Doune Castle

polina jones scotland highlands road trip outlander tour doune castle (6)

Double win! Game of Thones filming location (for a crazy fan like me), and also Castle Leoch in Outlander.

Here’s what the bathrooms use to be like:


And of course I couldn’t resist dressing up!


Must visit! Dounce Castle website

[5] Drive through Loch Lomond scotland outlander road trip castle leoch doune castle (3)

We stopped off pretty much on every other lay-by: the views, the lakes, the mountains, the waterfalls were just breath-taking! Can you spot a rainbow? scotland outlander road trip castle leoch doune castle (4)

[6] Tyndrum Lodges scotland outlander road trip tyndrum lodges)

We then made it to Tyndrum, and stayed in a lovely lodge. Very convenient place, reasonable price, with a restaurant and eatery nearby.  You can find out more about Tyndrum Lodges here. scotland outlander road trip castle leoch doune castle (2)

Day 2: We set off in the morning, to take the most stunning and impressive drive of my life.

[7] Drive through Glencoe Valley scotland outlander road trip castle leoch doune castle (20)

We’ve played Outlander playlist and the views overwhelmed me so much that I nearly cried. I’m not kidding, the photos don’t do this natural beauty any justice.


I have never seen nature that beautiful, that you wonder if you’re in Lord of the Rings universe; or when the cloud moves and there is a huge mountain, right next to you, with the longest water stream you have ever seen… What I can say to you guys – the drive through to Glencoe must be on your bucket list. Two hours later (with all the stops on the way), we’ve arrived to Fort William.

[8] Old Inverlochy Castle – Fort William


We stopped off at the ruins of Old Inverlochy Castle  – 13th-century castle ruins, which is a paradise for any climbing enthusiast!

More info available here

[9] Ben Nevis Inn


For lunch, we stopped off at Ben Nevis Inn for a lovely lunch, but now climbing Ben Nevis is on my bucket list. THE VIEWS you guys! 

[10] Highland Folk Museum – Newtonmoore

polina jones outlander scotland highland folk museum

Highland Folk Museum is Britain’s first open air museum, with the 17th century village, which (surprise surprise) was used for filming Outlander. We really got to experience how dark and smokey the houses were and how much hard work everything required! Just reminds you how privileged we are to live today, and not a couple of centuries back.


As you can imagine, I ran to dress up, but Ben took some convincing. Luckily the local villager (very informed cast!) convinced my husband to lay on the ground to dress him up in a kilt. Best. Day. Ever.


[11]Glenesk Hotel


We headed for our next destination – Glenesk Hotel in a pretty village of Edzell. If you happen to be in the area, I cannot recommend it enough. Everything was top knotch.

However, if you happen to be a whisky lover, you must visit. Hotel’s bar had Guiness World Record for the amount of whisky brands they have under one roof.


Ben did sample a number of whiskies, however those pictures will stay in our private collection 🙂

Day 3:

[12] Falkland

Outlander Scotland Tour filming location Falkirk Fife Inverness

In the morning we set off to visit Falkland village – the one that stood for Inverness in Outlander. I’ve re-watched that episode since – you should have seen my excitement (something along the lines of jumping on the sofa screaming OMG I’VE BEEN THERE)

[13] Aberdour Castle

Aberdour Castle Outlander filming location Scotlanf

We then arrived to Aberdour Castle – gorgeous place – which stood for Sainte Anne de Beaurpe monastery in Outlander.


And yes, I took yet another opportunity to dress up 🙂

[14] Dysart Harbour

Outlander Scotland Tour filming location Dysart Harbour

When Claire, Jamie and Murtagh arrive in Le Havre, France at the start of season 2, they don’t actually go to France – Dysart Harbour is used as this French harbour. As there was noone around to take a picture, I had to make friends with the lamp post. 🙂 The seaside is beautiful, worth a visit!

Dysart Harbour Outlander filming location

[15] Edinburgh


We then headed for Edinburgh. The drive was great, but I was already missing the views of the Highlands. Naturally, being in Edinburgh we had to find Jamie’s print shop – and even met some Outlander fans there!

Outlander Scotland Tour filming location Bakehouse Close Edinburgh

Getting a picture in front of Edinburgh castle was a sweet conclusion to our travels.polina jones scotland outlander tour highlands (14)

The rest of our time in Edinburgh we’ve spent socilising with an old friend and discovering Edinburgh’s nightlife. Following morning, slightly hungover, it was time to head home.

polina jones scotland outlander tour highlands (1)


Hope this inspires you to visit Scotland!





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