Hello, I’m 26.

Let’s not dwell on the fact that I am now on the wrong side of my twenties, that I will turn thirty before I know it… Instead, why don’t we have a look at how great my birthday celebration was, and announce a winner for the best birthday message.

For the second year in a row I’ve turned a year older on the stage, at The Mad Hatters’ Karaoke night. My birthday started at midnight, so it seemed absolutely perfect to have a couple of drinks, sing a couple (more like six, ha!) of songs, and be surrounded by my friends.

Mad Hatter Oxford karaoke polina.rocks

Just before midnight I got on the stage to sing (surprise, surprise) Shape of You, and right at midnight my friends joined me on the stage whilst DJ Neil sneakily switched a song – before I knew it, everyone was singing ‘Happy Birthday’ song. How marvelous!

On my actual birthday, on Friday, I was working from home and was very much hoping for a chilled day, however there was so much work, I had to work later than usual. Knowing that tomorrow night there would be a big celebration and it would be wise to collect our strengths, Ben and I opted to stay in to watch a movie, drink champagne and get our favourite take-away.

About the take-away: this is from a Japanese Restaurant on Cowley Road called Taberu, which also delivers within 3 mile radius. Delicious sushi and a great variety of Japanese hot dishes – from noodles to katsu curry and bento boxes. Order on Just-Eat.

The next day, on Saturday, I woke up with this thought: ‘Big Night tonight, oh God, there will be so much champagne!’ #truestory. Great mood to wake up to on the day of your birthday celebration, huh? 🙂

This was the first event I’ve hosted in our new house, which is currently referred to as ‘The Penthouse’, which worked out pretty well – there is a good spot to take a group photo, and enough space to host a variety of nights (just you wait!).

harambe bday

Many of my friends came over with lovely presents, cards and plants (and a lot of wine!), and then we headed to The Oxford Retreat, followed by the The Bridge.

It was fun. And messy. 😉WhatsApp Image 2018-01-21 at 20.18.05 (2)

Great night, great memories, however it’s time to talk about something that most of my guests have been waiting for over a week. The winner of the best birthday message.

I’ve set up a pin board, asking my friends to leave a message, promising that ‘The most creative wins a home-cooked meal by Po’, so here is the board:

polina.rocks birthday party ideas message board

Runner ups:

3rd place

3rd place winner polina.rocks

2nd place

2nd place

1st place

This one goes in 3 steps, and the last one was on the shelf in the cupboard… #Genius

Boom! Come claim your prizes 🙂


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