New brunch menu you HAVE to try

If you go out for drinks in Oxford, you have probably had a tipple at The Oxford Wine Cafe, or at least know someone who had.

But did you know that the cafe can not only give you hangovers (I mean, the wine is so good you just can’t help yourself!), but also cure them?!

I’ve told you about their delicious pizzas, but now I’ve got even better news for you – the Oxford Wine Cafe is now serving delicious range of healthy and veggie food for brunch!

Oxford Wine Cafe menu brunch

As we went on a Sunday,  the brunch had to start with a glass of bubbly (this is the law).Oxford Wine Cafe (3)Oxford Wine Cafe (10)

…With a good cup of Earl GreyOxford Wine Cafe (5)Oxford Wine Cafe (6)

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen the cafe in the day light before, but it’s so homely, yet so light! If I lived closer, I would be a resident there 😀Oxford Wine Cafe (11)Oxford Wine Cafe (7)

And just in case you don’t know this angel, meet Sarah!Oxford Wine Cafe (9)Oxford Wine Cafe (8)

We started with selection of toasts, all veggie, with amazing combination of flavours!Oxford Wine Cafe (13)Oxford Wine Cafe brunch toastsOxford Wine Cafe (14)Oxford Wine Cafe brunch toast

And those toasts made us pretty happy!Oxford Wine Cafe (21)

Then it was time for another treat –  a smoothie bowl. I must say, this is my new favourite way of getting all the nutrients and vitamins I need!Oxford Wine Cafe brunch smoothie bowl (2)Oxford Wine Cafe brunch smoothie bowl

We tried it, we loved it – and you should too!Oxford Wine Cafe wine tasting

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