What happened to Po in ’17

We’re getting closer to the end of 2017 and I would like to review it – to savour the memories whilst they are still clear and write them down, so that I won’t forget.

What a year it has been! So much has happened, so many boxes have been ticked, so many great memories and realisations #adulting 🙂

So let’s start.

January 2017

I’ve started the year dressed as a police officer, and 12 days later (don’t forget, my birthday is on 12th of January!), I was the karaoke princess celebrating hitting a quarter of a century at the Mad Hatter.

The next day we went on a ski trip, which I’m sure you’ve read about and might have even seen the video. (…and if you haven’t, go for it! :))

All in all, my month was fantastic, so 2017 had a really good start.

Brookes Snow


February was a short, quiet month, but a month full of love. We’ve looked at a couple of wedding venues and wedding planning mode kicked in.

My mum and dad came for a visit  and their last night fell on the Valentine’s, so for the first time in my life I was on a real double date dinner with Ben and my parents. How cute!

As a result of the ski trip influence I had to teach my parents how to dab #prouddaughter

February polina.rocks


March was full of working hard and partying even harder. But I did win a bake off for Red Nose Day and made it to The Tab, so all-in-all great month with many achievements, right?! 😀

March polina.rocks oxford blogger


April brought us a heatwave, so most of the month (besides being stuck in the office bickering about air con), we’ve spent in the pub gardens outdoors.

Lucy and I threw a flapper birthday party for Ben and Conor, as it’s their month, which was a fantastic excuse to dress up and dance like nobody is watching.

April polina.rocks south park.jpg


May = big party month for anyone living in Oxford. It kicked off with Brookes Snow May Day boat party and ended with Common People in South Park. Great weather, loads of beers and crop tops!

May Day Oxford polina.rocks.jpg


June started with a wedding – my cousin’s wedding which was a perfect excuse to visit my homeland and to see my family.

Bry, Sarah and I went to Tenerife and Ben and I went to Ed Sheeran’s gig (I cried).

We ticked swimming at Port Meadow off the summer to-do list too.

June polina.rocks Ed sheeran alicante


July was full of activities (or as I like to say ‘organised fun’). Ben, his family and I went to Goodwood Festival of Speed for the second year in the row and we saw Blink 182 live! (I cried there too… :))

We played board games for Nick’s birthday, and got moist twice: at the Oxford Aqua Park and at a fantastic Sports day for Alice’s, Jordan’s, Nick’s and Lucas’ birthdays. Obviously, we’ve attended Cowley Road carnival, which is a perfect annual excuse to day drink on a Sunday.

Most importantly, I’ve started my new career chapter and joined a fantastic company with great people and positive culture. This one is a biggie – I am there to stay!

July polina.rocks Oxford Aqua Park


August was very chilled comparing to July – I was truly focused on getting myself settled at a new role at my new lovely job and focused on gymming big time!

Highlights would include the most fun pub crawl for my friend’s birthday, San Miguel experience, visiting one of my client’s brewery and a super chilled bank holiday weekend with the family at the Butley Priory. Great end to a cold summer.

August Polina.rocks oxford wine cafe feel fit gym


September was very busy for me, as the training to become a Nielsen expert was in full swing. I still managed to party tho!

A huge biggie – my bridesmaids threw me a surprise slumber party, which was so cute and thoughtful! Prosecco pong, face masks and blind make-up challenge – what else could you wish for on a girly night in?

Finally, for our 9th anniversary (and 1st anniversary since we got engaged), Ben and I went for an amazing long weekend to Budapest. We met another great couple who drink like fish, so needless to say, the holiday was a hit!

September polina.rocks Budapest Nielsen Oxford


In October I took my gang painballing, which resulted in many bruses – but it was totally worth it. We managed to squeeze punting in (so lucky with the weather that one weekend). Sarah has also taken me to Bicycle Bloom florist shop for Cocktails and Crowns workshop, which made it so much easier to plan my wedding flowers #winning

Obviously, we wouldn’t miss celebrating Halloween, and a bunch of us dressed up as Game of Thrones characters #fandom

October polina.rocks Bicycle Bloom Oxford


November was super fun too – Sarah took me to Stylist Live, which was a fantastic day of style, culture, freebies and Gordon’t Premium Pink gin cocktails.

Most important thing that happened in November, though, is that I’ve chosen my wedding dress! Thanks to my lovely bridesmaids Lucy and Alice, we’ve spend the day trying on the dresses and I have found the one. ❤

I’ve created new Insta account just to track my fitness progress, which you are all very welcome to follow: @polina.lifts

There was also a fantastic sausage fest Beer Fest Party for Pier’s birthday – full details here (18+ only!).

November polina.rocks stylist live


December = Christmas, so naturally there have been number of Xmas dinners and night outs.  Lucy and I checked out Oxford Junkyard Golf Club at the new Westgate, the only competitive sport I don’t complete suck at 🙂

We also got snow, which is so unusual for Oxford (last time it snowed in 2010), so for a couple of days we behaved like kids.

Christmas was fantastic – we’ve spent it with Ben’s family and I got great presents – key one is a ticket to see Taylor Swift! #reputation

Biggest achievement of December, though, is that Ben and I have finally became home owners. We bought this beautiful apartment, which means that the next year is going to start with unpacking and making the flat our new home.

polina.rocks christmas the cowley retreat oxford

Overall, the year has been fantastic. Mistakes have been made, lessons have been learnt, but my 25th year was a total success, thanks to all the amazing people surrounding me.

Bring on 2018!


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