Sexual Harassment – who’s got the power?!

Just over two month ago the news broke that Harvey Weinstein is accused of sexually assaulting a number of women, leading to many celebrities and role models to speak out. The media and many influences started to praise the bravery of those who have come forward.

It didn’t stop with Harvey.

For the last couple of weeks most of the headlines have been shaming many other powerful men – Kevin SpaceyRoy Price , Ben Affleck, and many UK politicians.

Yes, absolutely, these women have been through hell and not only have the right to come forward and tell their story, but should be encouraged to do so.

This movement has a clear vision: Sexual harassment will no longer be tolerated. We are not afraid to speak out. 

Its mission is to strip powerful men of the power which is often used to treat women around them as sexual objects; and to improve and transform work environment and companies’ cultures.

Who hasn’t yet received an email from their senior management covering this topic? It’s a hot topic!

And who hasn’t seen this Kevin Spacey Meme?

Image result for kevin spacey sex assault meme

If all the women were angels, this snowball of sexual harassment and assault scandals would just be a blessing: we will all speak out, all sleazy bastards are named and shamed, and we all lived happily ever after…

But let me ask you this:

How many scorned women are going to use this as a weapon to take a revenge on a boss who didn’t give her a promotion or a guy who, in fact, rejected her?
No one questions the allegations, in fact, these women are celebrated, but are all of them telling the truth? Isn’t this current situation is giving a perfect idea for revenge to a crazy girl with a vendetta?


How many careers, families, lives can be ruined by this huge trend?
It seems like at the moment a woman can destroy a man’s life, and be celebrated for it, whether he deserves it or not.

Who’s got the power now?

Image result for i've got the power gif

Disclaimer: I am not defending any of the accused, this is a hypothetical scenario, which has a possibility of happening in real life and a concern for innocent people.

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