Acanthus Restaurant – The Randolph Oxford

Why you should treat yourself to a dinner at Acanthus Restaurant As you might have already seen on Insta, I have recently celebrated my 27th birthday, and my lovely husband, instead of just taking me out for dinner, surprised me with a mini getaway to The Randolph Hotel. We had the dinner in the hotel... Continue Reading →

10 reasons to visit The Coconut Tree Oxford

My friend Alice and I checked out this new place at St Clements - The Coconut Tree - and I can say for sure, you should check it out too! Here are a couple of reasons why you just have to go there for cocktails and dinner. 1. The Coconut Tree is the only Shri Lankan... Continue Reading →

Protein carrot & walnut cupcakes

Everybody loves a good carrot cake! I’m in a bulking stage, but still try to stay healthy, so I've made a variation of a carrot cake, which turned out to be absolutely delicious! Protein carrot and walnut cupcakes This recipe is super easy, especially if you have a food processor. All you need is: Put... Continue Reading →

Bubble Bath Day

Today is International Bubble Bath Day, and seeing that it fell on a Sunday I decided to start my day with.. drumroll... A bubble bath! Not that I need an excuse - I could practically be a mermaid if you knew how much time I spend getting my fingertips all wrinkly. 🙂 This special day was... Continue Reading →

Boozy jelly shots

I have a number of weird little hobbies, and one of them is jelly-shot making. Majority of the parties I’ve thrown would feature some, and for the last couple of New Year Eves, without fail, I’d produce 100+ alcoholic jelly shots. Of course I had to make some for this year – and I decided to... Continue Reading →

My Medieval England obsession

My obsession with English medieval history started quite a while back. I was back home on holiday when I walked into the lounge where my dad was watching The Tudors with an encyclopedia on his lap. He was fact checking the series (as you do!) and pointed out that since I have moved to England,... Continue Reading →

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