Colosseum is a ‘must’ for any eager tourist in Rome. Rome Colosseum 4The legendary amphitheatre that is nearly 2,000 years old. The place where around 5,000 gladiators died every year. Rome Colosseum 2

I love ancient history, so I found it surreal being inside. I imagined the Colosseum to be bigger, but thinking back on it, it’s not the size that makes it grand, it’s the history of a different Rome ColosseumA tour guide tried to convince us that we would have to queue for hours, however we managed to walk straight through. Don’t listen to tour guides – do your own research!

The weather was perfect – it was sunny and not too hot – we got very lucky! Rome Colosseum 3Imagine if they reconstructed it and had shows like in the old times? Obviously, not with the real gladiators, but with clever CGIs and hollograms. I would pay crazy amount of money for a chance to go to a show like that! Rome Colosseum 6 Visit the Number one Ancient Rome spot? Check! Rome Colosseum 7 By the way, this bag is what you would call true vintage. 🙂 Rome Colosseum 10I’ve had it since I was 13 and it has travelled with me around the world. I still have the Disney World sticker from our trip to Florida. 🙂

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