Stress Awareness Day – 7 tips to reduce stress

Are you feeling irritable or withdrawn? Are you under a lot of pressure from your boss? Do you feel like you deserve a glass of wine after work?
Unless you’re a lazy alcoholic, you are probably stressed.

This year’s theme is ‘Employee wellbeing as a worthwhile investment in your business’, so let’s talk about tips to help you dealing with stress at work.

1. Organise your work.
This way you can plan and prioritise the tasks to ensure that you are in control of your work. People generally get stressed if things go out of their control, so keep your things in check.

Plan, delegate and be willing to compromise. Avoid trying to control the uncontrollable.

2. Eliminate interruptions.
Just turn off your data, put an out of office message and put your phone on ‘busy’ mode when you need to focus on big projects.

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3. Do some exercise
Regular exercise is a powerful stress reliever.
Not a gym member? Go for a run. Raining outside? Do some yoga.

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4. Talk to someone.
Everybody needs to vent. Talk to your family or friends. Get it out of your system. Don’t deal with stressful issues on your own.

I Can't Hide MY Crazy

5. Watch what you eat.
Your mind is already stressed, don’t put your body under any extra stress.
Although, if a takeaway would cheer you up – got for it – it’s all about the balance.

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6. Sleep more.
Lack of sleep is generally strenuous, but when you are already under so much stress, not having a proper sleep is absolute hell.
Find it difficult to fall asleep? Have a bath before you go to bed, put away your phone and laptop and grab a book. You will be snoozing in minutes.
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7. Take a deep breath. Turn some music on. It will be over soon.

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