Halloween ’15

How was your Halloween? Mine was just great!polina.rocks Halloween Red Eyes Vampire We had Trick-or-treat-ers, not only taking the sweets, but the photos of us!polina.rocks Halloween Pumpkins  trick or treat OxfordWe did have an inviting coffin-shaped sign.polina.rocks Halloween Trick or Treat DecorationWe covered the house by the species that usually cause panic.polina.rocks Halloween Pumpkins 2 polina.rocks Halloween Pumpkins 3 And of course, we had beautifully carved pumpkins.polina.rocks Halloween Pumpkins 6 Thanks to Steve.polina.rocks Halloween Pumpkins 7 Steve the Pumpkin-carving King.polina.rocks Halloween Pumpkins 9 But of course, because our pumpkins were so cool, they didn’t even last a night – someone nicked them!polina.rocks Halloween Pumpkins 10 Next Halloween we might be hosting a house party, and if that’s the case, we’re gonna up our game with the decorations. 🙂polina.rocks Halloween Polina and Hedwig

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