Acanthus Restaurant – The Randolph Oxford

Why you should treat yourself to a dinner at Acanthus Restaurant

As you might have already seen on Insta, I have recently celebrated my 27th birthday, and my lovely husband, instead of just taking me out for dinner, surprised me with a mini getaway to The Randolph Hotel.

We had the dinner in the hotel restaurant – Acanthus, and I was so impressed that here I am, writing this! 🙂

First of all, the service was impeccable – it almost felt like we were back in Mauritius , as restaurant supervisor Dragos made us feel like a king and queen.

Top Tip:

Whilst you’re waiting for your food, play a game ‘Who can name more Oxford Colleges’, and try not to cheat, as all of the crests are up on the walls!

the randolph oxford acanthus restaurant

Now let’s get to the food – they don’t have a menu or many pictures online, so I just had to share these!

For the starter, Ben opted for Misso Fritto – battered seafood and vegetables, and the batter was so light, that it almost felt to be healthy 🙂

acanthus restaurant the randolph oxford fritto misto

I went for a similar starter that we’ve had at our wedding – Jumbo prawn cocktail with crushed avocado, served with melba toast – yum!

acanthus restaurant the randolph oxford jumbo prawn cocktail

For the main, Ben chose pork schnitzel topped up with a fried egg and capers; smoked mash potatoes went my way (it’s like olives in our relationship hehe)

acanthus restaurant the randolph oxford snitzel smoked mash capers

…and I obviously went for the best dish on the menu (it was my birthday, so if not then, when?!) – Beef Wellington with chicken mouse and mango jus – ahhh guys, that was the best wellington I have ever had in my life.

acanthus restaurant the randolph oxford beef wellington

For the dessert, Ben got Macha Green Tea Crème Brûlée, which was served with a mini brownie topped with clotted cream and fruit. For some reason, this dessert always reminds me of Amelie movie 🙂

acanthus restaurant the randolph creme brule

I went for Knickerbocker Glory, which was lovely, but can someone just explain to me: who came up with the name for this dessert? Silly.acanthus restaurant the randolph oxford

We will definitely be coming back for another treat, and perhaps, one day even check out Chef’s Table experience, and YOU SHOULD TOO!  the randolph oxford acanthus restaurant ben and polina jones



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