10 reasons to visit The Coconut Tree Oxford

My friend Alice and I checked out this new place at St Clements – The Coconut Tree – and I can say for sure, you should check it out too!
Here are a couple of reasons why you just have to go there for cocktails and dinner.

1. The Coconut Tree is the only Shri Lankan restaurant in Oxford

Goat Curry coconut tree Oxford

Everyone needs to give Chinese and Indian takeaways a break once in a while!

2. Affordable & Delicious Small Plates

The Coconut Tree Oxford Shi rankan restaurant
I generally like the idea of having more small plates to be able to try more – going for just one large exotic dish can be a gamble! There is a variety of plates and they come in different sizes, generally reflective of the price.

3. Best fried cheese you will ever try

The Coconut Tree fried cheese


4. Most of the menu is veggie

Coconut tree oxford menu polina.rocks

5. Delicious COCOTAILS
Coconut Tree Oxford polina jones

Who doesn’t like a cultural twist on a classic, yet boring cocktail? Well, I sure am a fan –  full cocktails list here.

6. They offer take-away
Coconut tree Oxford restaurant

You don’t have to stay there to enjoy their food – they will pack them up for you in cute boxes. Takeaway menu available here.

7. It’s in a convenient location  – St Clems & East Oxford

Coconut tree Oxford St Clems

8. By drinking their ‘Drunken Shi Lankan Cocotail, you are supporting elephants!

Coconut tree Oxford elephant cocktail
To find out how, watch the video below.

9. Friendly Staff & Great Atmosphere.
Coconut tree Oxford

They really are so nice and helpful, and the decor is lovely!

10. I came back again within a weekcoconut tree polina jones

…And if you’re still not convinced, have a look at the vlog 🙂





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