Coming back to your own blog can be very eye-opening – I came across a post from a year ago, where I set my goals for the year of 2018.

So let’s see whether I lived to my own (self-year-ago) expectations.

My commitments

  • Pass my driving test – to stop asking everyone for lifts (and it’s about time!) YES
  • Complete CIM Postgraduate Diploma – because there isn’t such thing as ‘too much education’ YES
  • Pass Nielsen certifications – to progress my career YES
  • Blog at least 25 timesand not slack – this means a blog post every other week Fail
  • Do a series of vlogs – you will hear about this very soon – keep an eye out! YES


  • Have the best wedding I could ever imagine YES
  • Meet new people – and learn as much as I can from them YES
  • Travel – this should be covered within my honeymoon YES
  • Make our new house true home Nearly there…

Practical Goals

  • Squat 90kg – as long as I can put the weight on as well! Fail
  • Be able to do a split – upping my stretching game Fail
  • Read at least 10 books – roughly one book a month. Yes, but most were for uni – need to do better this year.

Not bad, huh?

This year there will be less pressure, and more time for mindfulness.

But there will be fitness goals, and I will share them with all of you soon.




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