Coming back to your own blog can be very eye-opening - I came across a post from a year ago, where I set my goals for the year of 2018. So let's see whether I lived to my own (self-year-ago) expectations. My commitments Pass my driving test – to stop asking everyone for lifts (and it’s... Continue Reading →

Resolutions ’18 – I can do it!

Just in case you didn’t know, today is International Motivation and Inspiration Day; and seeing how I’ve just about recovered from a NYE hangover, I think it’s a perfect day to lay down my resolutions. So, here we go: My commitments Pass my driving test – to stop asking everyone for lifts (and it’s about... Continue Reading →

My recovery 

I've never posted anything too personal here, but I think it might be the right time to start.I was recently diagnosed with endometriosis, which required a surgery - pretty simple procedure with a minimal invasion - laparoscopy, or a key-hole surgery. On top of that I have opted in for hormonal birth control as part... Continue Reading →

Wish List

My birthday is coming up and the vital question get more popular every day: 'What do you want for your birthday?' To be honest, I don't really know - I have everything I could wish for (apart from things that my friends clearly cannot afford to get me as a present lol), so I've listed some... Continue Reading →

Why I hate being ill

With the temperature going below zero, it is officially flu time - I have recently joined the army of people who sneeze and blow their noses all day long. Yikes! When I was younger, getting ill felt like a holiday - you don't have to go to school, get to watch cartoons all day, eat... Continue Reading →

Ask a Stupid Question Day

I'm not really sure who came up with International Ask a Stupid Question Day - perhaps, someone who keeps asking silly questions and wanted a day in the year when they are totally within their rights to ask one? 🙂 Anyway, let's entertain this idea - head to my and ask as many stupid... Continue Reading →

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