Akbar Trastevere @ Rome

Who cares about the tourist guides or Tripadvisor?
Once you’ve walked through the door of a nice establishment, you know whether you are going to love it or hate it (until you get your first drink anyway 🙂 )Ben and I were wandering around the Trastevere area and spotted a bar – Akbar – it looked really  nice from the outside, so we decided to give it a shot.

Calavera & Wildberry tea

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Obladi Oblada

We have just arrived to Rome, got our beautiful apartment keys and decided to pop down for a drink.

The place just below the apartment – Obladi Oblada- gave us the first true impression of a real Roman bistro.

Not only did this place remind me of my dad (who is a huge Beatles fan), it has also set both Ben and I in the right mood for our short break. Continue reading “Obladi Oblada”

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