Vatican has always been on my bucket list. Vatican Rome Italy 2The smallest country in the world which also happens to be the biggest art museum, seemed like a great place to spend a day while visiting Rome. Vatican Rome Italy 17

Everything is so grand. Gives you a real feeling of how rich and prosperous the Catholic Church has Vatican Rome Italy Vatican Rome Italy 10

Every building, every room, every corner either has a piece of art or is a piece of Vatican Rome Italy 12 Vatican Rome Italy 11 Vatican Rome Italy 6 Vatican Rome Italy 4

Pigna – the pine cone that dates back to the first century – the Roman times. Vatican Rome Italy 3Even though taking photos in the Sistine’s chapel is not permitted, Ben managed to snap The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. 🙂 Vatican Rome Italy 13 This would be the view from your room if you lived in Vatican. Vatican Rome Italy 14

We didn’t go inside the St Peter’s Basilica, but went to admire the view of St Peter’s, Bernini’s Colonnade and Maderno’s Vatican Rome Italy 15Vatican is a must when visiting Rome, whether you are religious or not. It’s a beautiful, monumental place of European Vatican Rome Italy 18

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes – there are a lot of steps in the museums! Dress conservatively, cover your knees and shoulders. Vatican Rome Italy 20continua…

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