The proposal

For our eight year anniversary Ben took me to Paris. Eight years together turned into something much more romantic and important to celebrate. We got engaged. On the 26th of September, at 8 am, Ben dragged me out of bed to have a photo shoot. If you know me well, you can imagine how delighted... Continue Reading →


Colosseum is a 'must' for any eager tourist in Rome. The legendary amphitheatre that is nearly 2,000 years old. The place where around 5,000 gladiators died every year. I love ancient history, so I found it surreal being inside. I imagined the Colosseum to be bigger, but thinking back on it, it's not the size that makes... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam – Vondelpark

If the weather is lovely and you have a half day spare when visiting Amsterdam, make sure you visit Vondelpark. It is the largest park in Amsterdam, and is definitely the most visited. It's full of Amsterdammers having lunch and walking their dogs and tourists wondering around, exploring the 1.5 km long park and enjoying... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam – A Beautiful City

Last week Ben and I went to Amsterdam for a long weekend. A couple of our friends came as well, but they stayed in a different hotel, which made it perfect - we still had some privacy, but could hang out with friends throughout the trip. Last time we visited Amsterdam was just after our... Continue Reading →

Discovery Cove

Today Ben and I went to Discovery Cove - OMG, probably the most amazing place I have ever been! We got to snorkel around the tropical reefs with loads of beautiful fish; I even touched the stingray! We filmed everything on the action camera - the video is coming after we finish our vacation :)... Continue Reading →

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