Discovery Cove

Today Ben and I went to Discovery Cove – OMG, probably the most amazing place I have ever been!

We got to snorkel around the tropical reefs with loads of beautiful fish; I even touched the stingray!
We filmed everything on the action camera – the video is coming after we finish our vacation 🙂

The best moment of my day though was swimming with a dolphin. This was the first time even I touched and (!!!) kissed a dolphin!

I can’t even express my feelings right now – but I think that the dolphins are my favourite animals now 🙂

The other fun part was the aviary with the birds.

Cockatiels were picking up the sand of my feet – ticklish as hell!

The great thing about Discovery Cove is that it’s all inclusive – you don’t have to worry about having cash – all meals, drinks and equipment was included in the ticket.

Just enjoy  yourself and relax.

Exactly what you want after hectic days in the theme parks 🙂

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