Amsterdam – Vondelpark

If the weather is lovely and you have a half day spare when visiting Amsterdam, make sure you visit Vondelpark.

It is the largest park in Amsterdam, and is definitely the most visited. It’s full of Amsterdammers having lunch and walking their dogs and tourists wondering around, exploring the 1.5 km long park and enjoying themselves.
If you want to sit in the sun, start getting tired of walking across a large number of canal bridges and getting bored of coffee shops, this is definitely a great place to hang out!
Vondelpark has also got an I amsterdam sign, the same as the one by the Rijks museum. Taking a photo next to it when you visit Amsterdam is a must!
I really like parks, especially the parks in England, and Vondelpark was originally designed to be like a fashionable British park.
Definitely a place to visit!

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