My thoughts about Game of Thrones season 5 finale

This season of Game of Thrones was pretty disappointing. It was slow, uneventful and weird.
First seven episodes were a drag. The first two scenes of episode 8 ‘Hardhome’, however, made me really happy.
Tyrion meeting Khaleesi? Cersei struggling in prison?
game of thrones animated GIF game of thrones animated GIF game of thrones animated GIF
And a massive fight in the end of the episode – I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen!

The Penultimate episode, ‘The Dance of Dragons’ reminded me what Game of Thrones has always been about – crazy unexpected events (poor Shireen!)

…and oh yeah, the dragons! Khaleesi has always been my favourite. Seeing her flying away on her dragon (however badly he was CGIed) made me really happy.

So before watching the finale I was wondering about a lot of things, such as:

  • Why is Arya’s story line so weird? And why is she trying to look like princess Leia?
  • How the hell is the God of Light going to get Baratheon out of his mess? Melt the snow? Set Ramsay on fire (although this would top dying Joffrey scene – imagine?!)
  • Is Bran still alive? How did he not run into Jon Snow? ( I knew he wasn’ going to appear this season, but come on?!)
  • Is Cersei’s daughter Myrcella going to become a new Cersei (=a bitch) when she gets back to King’s landing?

And then I watched the finale. And my mind was blown. These are the 20 thoughts I had during one of the most anticipated hours of this month:

1. Of course Selyse killed herself. How are you supposed to live after burning your daughter alive?

2. ‘How does it feel to be friends with the most hated man in the Castle Black?’ Oh, Jon Snow, shut up, I would love to be your friend!

3. I always knew that Sam was a Maester material.

4. Of course Sansa managed to light up a candle exactly a second after Brienne left. Jesus, this isn’t a Hollywood movie!

5. Massive fight. OK, impressive. Seems like they all just killed each other.

6. What the hell is happening to Aria?!

7. Ahh, Jamie Lanister gets to feel like a dad for once! A bit cheesy though…

8. Wait, what? Ellaria is such a bitch. Cersei just might kill herself now.

9. Are they going to kill off more characters? Damn you George R.R.Martin and HBO!

10. Tyrian the King of Maureen (kind of). I like it!

11. Khaleesi, hello! A lot of horses. What the hell is going on?
Are they going to fight her or for her? Please fight for her!

12. Naked Cersei. Hello boobs! She doesn’t even look that bad with short hair.

13. Shame! Shame! Shame! She’s gotta make it to her son! Still hate her.

14. JON!!! Don’t listen to Olly!

15. NO!!!!!!!

16. For the watch? Are you freaking kidding me???


18. You can’t kill him off!!!

19. Jon and Khaleesi will never meet!

20. I hate Game of Thrones

Overall, I didn’t like the finale that much. GoT has had better finales. I just hope that Jon will become Azor Ahai – imagine that?!

What were you thoughts?

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