Beautiful Oxford

No matter which part of Oxford you live in, there always will be a park nearby.
I live five minutes walk from Hinksey Park, which has a lake, a boating lake, tennis courts and even an outdoor pool.
The other day I was running in the evening and just got a little overwhelmed by the beauty of nature around and how lucky I am to live in a busy city, which has some very beautiful and peaceful places.
Obviously, I decided to take some panoramic shots on my phone.

The houses above look exactly the same at the front, but if you look at them from the back, they are all different and have their own characters.

I love how in five minutes you can make it from 13th century city to a quiet residential area or a beautiful green park, or the river, or to the train track.

River Thames
Hinksey Park
And beautiful sunsets…
I’ve lived in Oxford for five years now and I am still fascinated with this city. Come for a visit!

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