Amsterdam – A Beautiful City

Last week Ben and I went to Amsterdam for a long weekend. A couple of our friends came as well, but they stayed in a different hotel, which made it perfect – we still had some privacy, but could hang out with friends throughout the trip.

Last time we visited Amsterdam was just after our graduation – nearly two years ago. We stayed in the Red Light district and visited the Sex museum, Hash and Hemp museum and a large number of coffee shops.
This trip was more grown up, more mature 🙂 This time we discovered the city outside the Red Light District.
The hotel we stayed at – Hampshire Hotel Eden – was great. It was just around the corner from Rembrandt plein and as you walk out a beautiful view on a canal opens up.
Just opposite of the hotel was Nationale Opera & Ballet. We didn’t go inside, but I did take a picture for my mum. She is really into ballet 🙂
Amsterdam is beautiful. Wonky houses, amazing decorations, huge number of canals, cyclists dominating the roads and very chilled people.
I absolutely loved the contrast of cute stores and cafes right next to the coffee shops; beautiful apartments next to a tattoo place. You wouldn’t think that it would work, but it does!


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