Emmys Red Carpet #wouldyouwearit

After last night’s Emmy ceremony, my Facebook feed is dominated by red carpet photos.

Some celebrities look amazing – some, on the other hand, don’t.

I strongly believe that the dress could be state of art, but if you don’t have the body to pull it off, you WILL look horrendous.
So I rounded up top 3 dresses I would only dream of wearing and 3 dresses that I wouldn’t wear even if I got paid for it. Let’s start with the worst:

3 Emmy Red Carpet Dresses I would not wear

  1. emmys 2015 red carpet

Nazanin Boniadi always looks absolutely gorgeous, but I am not keen about her dress. I find the shapes weird, and for a flat-chested girl like me, this dress would be a total nightmare.

2. emmys 2015 red carpet-2

I really don’t like this dress, every single bit of it. Not the ballroom-dancing-style sequence, not the shape, not the length. Just no.

3. emmys 2015 red carpet 3

I think I could make this dress from my old great-grandma’s curtains and bed covers. The shape isn’t particularly complementing to the cleavage area; I’m not even going to comment on the flares.

3 Emmy Dresses I would LOVE to wear


What a revealing, yet super elegant dress!


Beautiful gown. Simple but magnificent. And you can totally wear a push-up bra 😉


I like the shape, the style and I love the colour. In fact, I have a very similar fabric, so I am super inspired now 🙂

Do you ever look through red carpet photos? How often do you think #wouldiwearit ?

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