New House

My boyfriend and I decided to break our routine – after three years of living together, just the two of us, we’ve decided to move in with a friend to a bigger, nicer house.

The location is amazing – there is a park just outside the garden, there is a gym nearby and the road with bars and takeaways is five minute walk away. Lush. 🙂
Living in a quiet family residential area on the other side of Oxford from all of our friends, proved not only boring, but also inconvenient (think of all the taxi costs!) Polina Skrebneva blog new house

The house is generally bigger than our old flat – bigger bedrooms (more closets!), bigger bathtub (my paradise), bigger kitchen (finally!), and most importantly, bigger lounge/diving room / social space.
I love hosting dinner parties, and now actually have the space for them!

Anyway, I am super excited, as this house feels like a new beginning, full of inspiration and positive vibes.

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